Audrey Deng

Audrey is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about utilizing innovation in connecting executives. Her last executive search platform company built up a network of 500+ clients and 5000+ headhunters within 6 months. Audrey has 13 years in executive search including holding senior leadership positions at F500 companies.

Rob Yang

Rob is a drug hunter who applies AI/ML to intercept human pathology & achieve a world without diseases. He works towards raising the visibility of the STEM community through AI by removing networking barriers. Rob is the co-founder of MIT data science talk series, co-chair of the 2022 MIT Sloan BioInnovation Conference, co-chair of the 2021-22 Sloan Asian American Association, & an EMBAssador of the JClinic.

Peter Tang

Pete has over 12 years of software development experience with an additional 3 years in ML.

He is a serial entrepreneur who devotes to inserting positive social impact and strives to use technology to create opportunities for people, as opposed to displacing them.